Archive for the ‘Review’ category A new interview explores what happens to people when they are deprived of their hidden brains. Much of The Hidden Brain is about the problems that unconscious factors create in our lives — from the vagaries in our moral judgment to the ways in which suicide bombers are indoctrinated. A natural conclusion from these examples [...] I spent some time in the interview talking about an unconscious bias I discovered in my own three year-old daughter. Before she could tie her own shoelaces, she had already come to the conclusion that nurses always have to be women, and that doctors usually have to be men. Where do you think this [...] NPR’s flagship news program, MORNING EDITION, has featured The Hidden Brain in an interview. You can read about it and listen to the interview using this link. If you have trouble accessing the site, you can download an MP3 file of the interview here. features an interview about The Hidden Brain. “Of the many viral-video meltdowns pop culture has endured, few are as viscerally disturbing, as painful to watch, as Michael Richards’ racist rant during a 2006 stand-up appearance. As you’ll no doubt remember, the man better known as Kramer lashed out at a heckler in his [...] The New York Times review of The Hidden Brain appears this weekend. You can read it here. Here is how it begins: Invisible forces that control our behavior have inspired our best story­tellers, from Euripides to Steven Spielberg. Whether we’re yanked around by jealous gods, Oedipal urges or poltergeists, the idea that we feel [...] The Washington Post runs an excerpt from The Hidden Brain this weekend, and the excerpt should be available online starting sometime Friday. The excerpt is drawn from the final chapter of the book, and explores the biases that affect human judgment in the realm of moral decision-making. The ideas in the excerpt are especially [...] More reviews from Amazon readers … This one from H.F. Gibbard This has to be the most readable book about how the mind works that I have picked up in ages. There is not a dull chapter in the book, and the writing at times reaches a level worthy of a good novel. The [...]

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January 11th, 2010

There are more reader reviews of The Hidden Brain on Amazon See Dr Yuval Lirov: Vedantam, an accomplished science journalist, combines an exceptional story telling talent with modern psychology research to explore seemingly intractable questions, including why very young children exhibit racial preferences, how peaceful, professional family people become suicide bombers, and why smart [...]

The Washingtonian has a terrific new review of The Hidden Brain. See << Washington Read: January 2010 What We’re Reading This Month by Drew Bratcher One of the most compelling stories in Shankar Vedantam’s The Hidden Brain is about an incident that happened 15 years ago on the bridge between Belle Isle park and [...]