Archive for the ‘Politics’ category You are a woman worried about sexism who has applied for a job. When you enter your interviewer’s office, you see (a) an office with newspapers, stationery & dictionaries (b) an office with Playboy posters, motorcycle mags & hunting awards (c) an office with rainbow flags and plaques about diversity. Which prospective interviewer is [...] Joseph Stack, the Texas man who burned his house down and then recently flew a plane into an IRS building, killing one person, has some stark similarities to the the suicide bomber I write about in The Hidden Brain. Like Stack, Larry Layton was white and American — which apparently makes it difficult for [...] I recently came by some remarkable research by Christine Alksnis at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario that offers an intriguing way to think about the wage gap — men and women are typically paid different wages for doing the same work in the United States, with women’s income ranging from 77 cents to 89 cents [...] I spent some time in the interview talking about an unconscious bias I discovered in my own three year-old daughter. Before she could tie her own shoelaces, she had already come to the conclusion that nurses always have to be women, and that doctors usually have to be men. Where do you think this [...] There have been a couple of reviews/accounts about The Hidden Brain that mention my thoughts about George Allen’s infamous “macaca” moment — Allen repeatedly referred to a young Indian-American as “macaca”  — comments which contributed to Allen’s losing his Senate race, and the Republicans losing control of the U.S. Senate in 2006. The section of [...] Listen to an interview about The Hidden Brain conducted by the Diane Rehm show. The show was guest-hosted by the immensely talented Susan Page of USA Today, and featured a discussion that ranged from how to reform our criminal justice system to same-sex attraction among Visigoths. Sorry, I can’t say more. You’ll just have [...] NPR’s flagship news program, MORNING EDITION, has featured The Hidden Brain in an interview. You can read about it and listen to the interview using this link. If you have trouble accessing the site, you can download an MP3 file of the interview here. The Supreme Court recently lifted limits on private organizations creating campaign ads, and argued that such restrictions infringed on the First Amendment rights of individuals and organizations. Much of the ruling’s rationale is based on the idea that humans do much or all of their thinking consciously. At a conscious level, it makes sense [...] The Washington Post organized an online chat to discuss an excerpt from The Hidden Brain that was published in the Sunday magazine. The excerpt was drawn from the final chapter of my book, and it explores several paradoxes in our ability to make good moral judgments. The central paradox is that people seem predisposed [...] features an interview about The Hidden Brain. “Of the many viral-video meltdowns pop culture has endured, few are as viscerally disturbing, as painful to watch, as Michael Richards’ racist rant during a 2006 stand-up appearance. As you’ll no doubt remember, the man better known as Kramer lashed out at a heckler in his [...]