Archive for the ‘Business’ category The seemingly endless stream of sex scandals by powerful politicians in the United States raises a question: Does this say something about men, or does it say something about power? New research suggests that power, not being a guy, is the corrupting factor. Powerful people tend to see themselves as more attractive than they [...] Corruption is more likely in countries where people have a “collective responsibility” ethic as opposed to an individualistic ethic, according to new research. Poverty matters too — poor countries are likely to see more corruption than rich countries — but this squares with common sense. I can more easily imagine a cop in a [...] Tragedy tends to bring out the best in people, according to new research into cooperative behavior. The more people are affected by tragedy, the more they cooperate and engage in “prosocial” behavior. In a study of 2,447 residents in five provinces at the epicenter of a 2008 earthquake in China, researchers found that residents [...] A variety of research studies show that attractiveness helps people in a variety of professional settings. Defendents in the criminal justice system and children in daycare get away with more lenient punishments when they are attractive, compared to when they are not. But new research shows that there is a downside to being attractive [...] You are a woman worried about sexism who has applied for a job. When you enter your interviewer’s office, you see (a) an office with newspapers, stationery & dictionaries (b) an office with Playboy posters, motorcycle mags & hunting awards (c) an office with rainbow flags and plaques about diversity. Which prospective interviewer is [...]

¬† One of the more pernicious dimensions of the hidden brain is the way in which it prompts many people to fulfill self-defeating stereotypes about their groups. If you tell a classroom of students that men tend to outperform women in math tests — right before you administer a math test — the women in [...] Listen to an interview about The Hidden Brain conducted by the Diane Rehm show. The show was guest-hosted by the immensely talented Susan Page of USA Today, and featured a discussion that ranged from how to reform our criminal justice system to same-sex attraction among Visigoths. Sorry, I can’t say more. You’ll just have [...]

Fighting Bias in Negotiations

January 9th, 2010

I gave a talk yesterday about The Hidden Brain at the John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. My comments centered on The Invisible Current chapter in my book, which deals with the issue of sexism — how to identify it, how to measure it, and what we can do about it. As [...]

Literary Success and Sexism

December 30th, 2009

An interesting oped today in The Washington Post explores the effects of sexism in literature. Julianna Baggott offers provocative evidence that men are far more likely than women to achieve literary success, for equivalent efforts. I was especially taken with the research she cites that shows when volunteers think a play is written by a [...]

Welcome and Introduction

December 4th, 2009

Welcome to! In the weeks and months to come, I am hoping to start conversations about the effects of unconscious bias in everyday life. Some of these conversations may touch on the book I have coming out in January, 2010, but I am hoping this blog will be about the larger issue of bias [...]