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Shankar Vedantam, author of The Hidden Brain, speaks nationwide on how the “hidden brain” shapes everyday life. Recent events include talks on the following topics:

  • How unconscious biases influence behavior. Highly interactive multimedia presentation with strong audience participation. This presentation has been acclaimed in business, medical and legal settings.
  • The role of unconscious factors in innovation and creativity: How the hidden brain keeps us from seeing what’s important as we make crucial decisions. This talk will explore the science of building a “learning organization.”
  • What social psychology reveals about gender and racial biases in professional settings
    Options: Interactive Multimedia/Lecture/Workshop
  • How the hidden brain shapes audience engagement, and the factors that undermine effective communication (Lecture and Q&A — Video below)
  • The science of excellence: Understanding why elite performance in business, academic achievement and sports tends to be concentrated among groups (Lecture and Q&A)
  • The role of the hidden brain in producing disparities in medical, legal and other professional settings — and what can be done to reduce such disparities
    (Highly interactive multimedia presentation)

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VIDEO: How the “Hidden Brain” Shapes Perception

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VIDEO: How the “Hidden Brain” Affects Persuasion

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The hidden brain plays a powerful role in every domain of human behavior, from the law to politics, from sports to romance. Join the conversation and start your own discussion group to examine how the hidden brain might be influencing your community, your profession and your interests:

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