Shankar Vedantam

"We have never before had a keynote speaker receive a standing ovation …”
Ryan Deckert, Oregon Business Association


Shankar Vedantam

“Your presentation, The Hidden Brain, was engaging,
thought-provoking and brilliantly articulated…”
- Colleen Barros, National Institutes of Health


Shankar Vedantam

“The Hidden Brain is an altogether spectacular read,
the kind that gives the best possible hope for changing our
minds … toward more fairness, greater self-awareness, and a
vital integration of our intentions and our actions.”
– Maria Popova, Brainpicker

Speaking Engagements

Shankar Vedantam speaks internationally on how the “hidden brain” shapes our world. Recent talks include:

How unconscious bias shapes behavior. Highly interactive multimedia presentation that has been acclaimed in business, medical and legal settings.

The role of unconscious factors in innovation and creativity: How the hidden brain keeps us from seeing what’s important as we make crucial decisions. The science of building a “learning organization.”

The role of gender and racial biases in professional settings. Options: Interactive Multimedia/Lecture/Workshop

How the hidden brain shapes audience engagement, and the factors that shape effective communication

The science of excellence: Understanding elite performance in business, academic settings and sports

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